My current obsession

As a man in my late forty, with a good financial background, I almost tried everything. I had this possibility from my parents to do whatever I want, anytime. This is the most precious gift I got from them, my time. I was never forced to do anything and I always had options.

As you can imagine I traveled all of over the world, I’ve seen everything, all the exotic places with all of their adventures. I might kinda  say I had enough of traveling, I needed to find another thing to do to make me feel alive again. For me. this is all the matter, that feeling you get when you are feeling the best you ever had. It’s hard to get that feeling when you know you can basically afford anything, anytime. So while, I was talking with a friend, a friend who is in the same position as I am, always trying to make his life more interesting by any means, he suggested I tried meeting new girls. But meeting them in a constant way, so you never have the routine settled in your life.

At first I was sceptic about it, I couldn’t really understand what he meant but in the end, I said I will give it a try. Now the problem was..where I could find those ladies I like and how to make them like me.
The only solution I came with was to look online for an escort agency. Basically on those type of agencies you can find a variety of ladies, so it’s impossible not to find one for you to like. So I was browsing for a few minutes while I came across with this agency, called Cleopatra London Escorts, on the website I could find so many beautiful ladies for me to book, that was overwhelming. It was hard to choose the first one. But I did in the end. It was a beautiful brunette lady who stayed with me all the night. I had her booked for the entire night. We had dinner and end it up to my hotel. What a great experience it was, it made me feel alive again. The feeling you get from the girl that she constantly wants you and she is willing to do anything you ask of her it’s fantastic, believe me. No stress no explanation…she is all in. At any time!!

After that, I almost had every weekend another girl. It became an obsession, I must say. Sometimes I would book even 2 ladies on a week. The experience I have with them makes me feel powerful and in control. It’s a feeling I don’t have very often. Because of this feeling I become addicted to these beautiful ladies who makes me feel so good. This is what this life is about, to enjoy yourself the way it’s best for you. Me, I’m happy I found what makes me feel alive. Hope you will find it too!

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